One comment on “Alfie Boe’s Fan Family

  1. Like Roberta, I was introduced to Alfie Boe via PBS and Les Miserables 25th Anniversary program. I had seen Les Mis before but the Jean Valjean portrayal by Alfie Boe and that amazing voice of his is something one can not forget, especially when he sings Bring Him Home. Tears just stream from my eyes without provocation.

    Following suit, I, too search website and a couple of closed groups where I was accepted with open arms where we share experiences. Encourage each other. When Alfie had his first major Tour in October, 2012, plans were made. Those attending shows made sure we met each other and we were like long lost friends. We weren’t strangers. Our Red Roses identified us as part of the Alfie Boe Online Family and we look out for each other.

    Some of us went to New York City for a performance Alfie on the 15th of August. Some of us traveled from as far as Hawaii, Utah, Florida, Illinois and right in New York State, not having seen each other since the October Tour, but we greeted each other with open arms as if it was just yesterday last we had seen each other and others were me the first time. THAT is the kind of people this man has gravitating to him. The kind of love and respect for his fans and his fans have towards him. Alfie is the boy next door. The son. The performer who loves his art and the people who support him…and we respond with the same kind of love for him and each other.

    Alfie Boe has an amazing, remarkable, caring following willing to go above and beyond to help him achieve his goal and help each other.

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