Looking Back at Alfie Boe’s Top Ten Songs

A year ago, I asked the question, What’s your favourite Alfie Boe (recorded) song?  There were so many nominations we ended up with 36 sings on the long list (click here to listen on Spotify)!

No one was surprised when Bring Him Home made it to the top spot but there were a few surprises along the way, namely A Living Prayer placed at number 2.  The final top ten was as follows:

10: You Are My Hearts Delight

9: Fratello Sole, Sorella Luna

8: If You Go Away

7: Rosie

6: Parlami D’Amore Mariu

5: Wayfaring Stranger

4: Je Crois Entendre Encore

3: Rank Strangers

2: A Living Prayer

1: Bring Him Home

Now you may notice that there are only nine videos on this list – that’s because the ninth best song, Fratello Sole, Sorella Luna has never been performed live.  Taken from You’ll Never Walk Alone, I must confess to being a little surprised that this song made it onto the Top Ten in place of other more well known songs (Wheels of a Dream comes to mind). However, perhaps it is the very fact that we don’t hear it very often that made people vote for it.

Not knowing much about this particular song meant that I had to put in a bit of research and was somewhat surprised to learn that it comes from a 1972 Franco Zeffirelli film Brother Sun, Sister Moon which is about St Francis of Assisi. Donovan wrote and performed the songs on the soundtrack and re-recorded them in the early 1990’s. More recently, Friar Alessandro has recorded the song.

Since this poll was revealed, we have of course, had a new album, Serenata and so the question I ask you today is:

Are there any Serenata songs you would love to see in the top ten?

Results to be revealed soon!

Serenata can be ordered here:


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