It’s the Little Things That Count with Steve Young

Steve Young is a hugely experienced musician whose music I was first introduced to through the photographer Nikki Lewis.  On delving deeper, I realised I had heard him before, playing in Ramin Karimloo’s Broadgrass band.  In fact, Steve has worked with a range of artists as varied as Lionel Richie, Delta Goodrem and Darren Hayes of Savage Garden.

Whilst Steve’s work with Lionel Richie, Delta Goodrem and Peter Andre was largely confined to TV work, his work with Hayes was much more significant, touring, recording and writing over a five year period.  The opening track on Hayes’ 2012 album, Secret Codes & Battleships, was co-written by Steve.  In a recent radio interview, Steve credited Hayes with allowing him the freedom to explore the writing side of his career.  A spell working with producer Tony Nicholls saw some 60-70 songs written; apparently, a few can be heard regularly on the Australian TV soap Home and Away.

Following this successful collaboration Steve joined up with West End star Ramin Karimloo for another successful joint venture.  A mini tour in the US saw the band named Best Live Act 2013 by Broadway World.

So, after a lifetime of collaborations and support, Steve finally had the opportunity this year to write for himself.  Working on cruise ships gave him a lot of free time and stimulated the creative juices because his debut EP, Little Things is released on 31 October.

As a whole, the songs on the EP are driven by strong guitars (unsurprisingly in a a career guitarist!) and largely upbeat melodies.  The years spent honing his craft and working with other artists show in the fabulous harmonies on Beautiful Child in particular.  The backing singer, Gemma, has a fabulous voice and I hope to hear more from her in the future.

Wholeheartedly in Love is my stand out track – I couldn’t keep from dancing when I first played it and that hasn’t changed.  It may be one of my favourite tracks of 2014. The title track, Little Things, shows a talented lyricist although this is evident throughout all five songs.

If you like a strong guitar driven song, then Little Things will be right up your street.

be quick – the album is climbing the iTunes charts!

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