Alfie Boe on Strictly It Takes Two and Weekend Wogan

Alfie Boe fans everywhere will rejoice that they can listen to his dulcet tones on Weekend Wogan this Sunday, 2 November.

Before that (sadly only in UK) we get to see Alfie display his dance knowledge, or lack thereof as the case may be, on Strictly’s weekday show, It Takes Two.  Alfie was a guest on the Friday panel in 2012 and it was comical for many reasons, not all of them planned!  He displayed his talent for comedy falls and also his complete lack of knowledge about any of the dances or the competitors – it was very amusing!  Luckily for him, he had recently duetted with Kimberly Walsh, on f the then contestants so he picked her for the eventual winner (she made the final) and this time he’s in luck once again.  Steve Backshall, whom Alfie knows, is a contestant this year and is still in the show so hopefully Alfie will have watched some of his dances and can talk about them with even a tiny bit of knowledge!

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