Carousel Competition Winners

The ride on the ENO Carousel with Alfie Boe and Katherine Jenkins is over and despite the sadness that it’s over, I’m left with an overwhelmingly lovely bunch of memories from these five weeks; Alfie was on top form as Billy Bigelow, I’ve had some fantastic stage door experiences and best of all, I got to share it with fabulous friends.  It also seems that Alfie thoroughly enjoyed the experience, judging from Instagram:

The role of Billy Bigelow will remain with me for the rest of my life. Thank you to all who helped me channel this complex character. I love bringing role to life but as a performer, we must remember “You’ll never be bigger than the show you’re in.” And my favourite line in the show is “Don’t be scared of people who don’t like you, just try liking them!” Love to you all.

Great choice of favourite line Alfie – perfectly demonstrates the overall theme of Carousel, redemption.  Thinking back over the shows I’ve seen, I think it is the story of redemption that will stay with me as much as the nuanced performance that Alfie gave, especially the further the run went on.  Alfie’s vocals were of course immaculate, that was never in doubt, but to see the subtle changes in his performance was something special and showed he really understood the flawed character he was portraying.  I’m really hoping that this is not the last time we see Alfie in a musical or even, a return to an operatic role.

Now, the competition winners! To celebrate both Carousel and thoughtsofjustafan’s third birthday, I’ve got five signed Carousel programmes to give away and the five lucky winners who knew that Alfie recorded Barcelona with Katherine in 2014 are:

Rhonda Greenwood

Pat Davies

Simmi Parkinson

Hazel Mackel

Jo Sorsby

Congratulations – send me your address details and I’ll get them sent out.  Here are Alfie and Katherine singing Barcelona in Edinburgh:


I’ll finish with one of my favourite moments from these five weeks – forgive the indulgence!

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8 thoughts on “Carousel Competition Winners

  1. Christine

    I can’t understand WHY they are only doing ONE show in NY?
    What are they up to in “the City” ?
    They can’t be flying all that way to do ONE show and then get back on a plane to the UK. It’s nonsensical.
    So, anyone know the back story to their trip to the Big Apple?

  2. Marie Louise Blair

    Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you for your posts about Carousel Jane.
    I am so disappointed that I didn’t get to see it but thank you to you and all the other fans for their thoughts on the show.
    Although I like everything Alfie does I would love him to get back to his roots and take on an operatic role and make an opera album.
    Jane I am delighted that you got to chat to Alfie and have such a great photo taken with him!
    You look great! xxx

  3. Sue Redfern

    Nicely summed up Jane, it was indeed a special run my only regret is not seeing it more often xx

  4. Linda McCann

    I’m sad that it’s over because I no longer get to read everyone’s posts about their experience. I was lucky enough to see it once and am so glad I did as I loved it.
    I agre with you Jane about hoping to see Alfie in another musical or even an operatic role. That would be amazing.

    And you’re amazing in everything you do for us and Alfie. Even Alfie says so

  5. Tammy Houser

    I just realized, probably later than all you other fans, that redemption is also the theme of Les Mis. As the lead character, Alfie’s is a flawed man in both tales.

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