6 comments on “Alfie Boe 4th Annual Best Ever Song: No. 5

  1. This for me is just perfect for Alfie in every way. One of my favourites so I am so pleased you and others share my view.

  2. This is definitely a favourite to hear Alfie singing. I have listened to a lot of singers that I would not have heard of if it wasn’t for Alfie (and you) and having just listened to this recording by di Stefano I agree it is really beautiful.
    Thanks again Jane.

  3. Addio Sogni di Gloria is my favorite Italian song Alfie sings, from either La Passione or Seranata. When he hits that high note, I just sort of die a little……♥ Thanks for always keeping us enthralled, Alfie. And thank you, Jane, for bringing us all the good news.

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