One comment on “Alfie Boe Sings for the Queen Again

  1. Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday celebration is definitely going to be one of those days that this yank will be wishing she were English. My very American mother shared with me her love of Queen Elizabeth when I was but a tiny little girl in New York City. One of my fondest memories of childhood was when mom and I together were glued to the radio in 1953, listening to Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. We had yet to purchase a television but the announcer’s excellent narration, mom’s wonderful tales of Elizabeth’s story book life and my own childish imagination aided with photos from “Life Magazine” of crowns, scepters, royal jewels and thrones in majestic Westminster Abbey absolutely mesmerized me. And I’ve never recovered from that dazzling memory: my fascination, respect and admiration for Her Majesty and a life lived with grace has only grown. Besides, HRH and I have something very special in common: both of us adore the same fantastic tenor:Alfie Boe!!!

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