Alfie Boe and Strictly: Two of My Favourite Things!

Don’t get too excited when you read this – Alfie’s not doing Strictly Come Dancing this year as he’s obviously too busy being a magnificent Jean Valjean on Broadway.  However, that doesn’t stop us looking back at the last few years at what has become a staple in his promotional schedule.  It’s easy to see why this has become the case and why so many singers appear year after year; sales figures always increase the week after Strictly is shown. It’s a double joy for me to see Alfie on Strictly as Strictly is my very favourite programme on TV – I have watched every single episode, have my favourite celebs, favourite dancers and can’t understand people who don’t love it too.  Anyone with me?  If you’re not with me, maybe this post and playlist is just not for you!

A good many Strictly fans can’t bear the professional dancers coming on while the guest artist sings on the results show, but I love it – if you’re not keen on the singer, the dancers are always wonderful.  Having said that, I’m not that keen on the first video of the lot.  Eagle eyed fans will remember that the following week, Alfie recorded his Bring Him Home tour DVD at the Royal Festival Hall and said “it’s not as good without the dancers, is it” when they came to the Bond Medley part of the concert.  Funny to think that at this point, I watched this show and had not the slightest inkling who Alfie was – this song did nothing for me and I’m still not that keen or on the whole album it belongs to (but don’t tell anyone!).

My favourite video of this playlist is Bridge Over Troubled Water for two reasons: Alfie’s gorgeous voice and Artem, the male pro dancer.  Not many men could make me look at them when Alfie’s on screen but Artem can!

As for the video showing Kevin and Karen Clifton (Bring Him Home 2013), interesting fact for you – Alfie was a guest at their wedding this summer.  No idea whether or not he sang!

No comment on 2014’s offering but a whole lot of fun was had with Alfie’s two appearances on the sister programme, It Takes Two when Alfie unhesitatingly showed his complete lack of knowledge about dancing and any of the celebrities taking part.  He didn’t sound too sure about the music either which is why he was there in the first place I suspect!

Each year, people wonder if Alfie would ever be induced to take part in Strictly and I’m sure that the answer would be negative; he’s too busy and still going strong with his career.  Perhaps a Christmas or Children In need Special though?  Not such a heavy time commitment and the judges are always much nicer, even Craig!  Anyway, a girl can dream.

Alfie’s albums are all available here and the Bring Him Home DVD is also available:


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1 thought on “Alfie Boe and Strictly: Two of My Favourite Things!

  1. carole naden

    Fantastic Jane, loved him in his DJ and loose bow tie !! looked gorgeous and the Bond mix was fabulous,!! must admit do hanker after the long hair,but still lovely with it short !! thanks Jane,luv carole n xx

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