2 comments on “Alfie Boe 2nd Annual Best Ever Song: The Top Three

  1. I am surprised by the selections as well although I suspect that the popularity of Addio has something to do with the first promotion of Serenata. They used a clip from the song and the glorious images of the Italian coast with Alfie in a blue suit. I remember my reaction the first time I saw it and I was definitely blown away by it. I had to look up the song because I had never heard it. The song is very old-fashioned in its construction and sounds like Mario Lanza might have sung it. Like the Lehàr songs, I think the song in spite of its beautiful soaring sections has little mass appeal and maybe that’s why he doesn’t perform it much. The chorus is great but the rest of it, not so much.
    Keep my in your heart has a great folky appeal and I think Alfie does those songs really well. Two previous top10’s- Fratello Sole and A Living Prayer are both reworked folk songs.
    It’s great to see such variety but I have to confess that I like his broadway songs a lot especially Wheels of a Dream.

  2. I am surprised and delighted at this. A Gaelic Blessing was sung at my wedding. I told Alfie that when I first met him at STV. I think everyone has loved Alfie singing Keep Me In Your Heart at concerts because he has such fun with it. I love Addio Sogni di Gloria. It is glorious.
    Very odd that the number one song has only been sung live once and that the 3rd favourite has not been publicly performed. Just goes to show that people are listening to Alfie’s albums. The top three is quite an eclectic mix.

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