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Les Mis on Britain’s’ Got Talent

Heard of Collabro yet?  Well, if you haven’t, where have you been this week?  Collabro are the boy band featured in the first episode of Britain’s Got Talent (BGT).  At the time of the audition they had only been together for a month, a fact that had the vast majority of us, particularly and perceptibly, Simon Cowell, groaning at the thought of the awfulness that was to come.

And then they started to sing…and it was not awful at all, it was …wow! The choice of song, Stars, from Les Miserables was unexpected but, dare I use an overused word, inspired?  After all, BGT has previous form for propelling singers of Les Mis songs to superstardom, even if they don’t go onto win the show.  Additionally, by using one of the less famous songs, there was less chance of the audience comparing them to the well known version. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock this week, here here is Collabro singing Stars:

It now remains to be seen which song the band choose for their semi-final appearance; do they choose another Les Mis song, something from another musical or something else altogether?  Apparently, Collabro, or Richard in particular, cite one of their influences as Alfie Boe.  Alfie’s definitive song is Bring Him Home, from Les Mis and we know that this song lends itself beautifully to an arrangement for at least four voices as showcased by The Four ValJeans at the end of the Les Mis 25th Anniversary Concert at the O2 in 2011.

While we wait to see what the future holds for Collabro, lets take another look at the master of Bring Him Home, Alfie Boe: This performance is from Alfie’s Storyteller tour at the Royal Albert Hall.


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Alf & Dec – Alfie Boe & Declan Donnelly – Lookalikes?

If you saw Britain’s Got Talent May 29 2017 you’ll know that Alfie and Dec are still seeing the resemblance:

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Alfie and Dec obviously agree as this photo has just popped up on twitter with Dec saying “me and our kid Alfie Boe backstage”

alfie and dec

As Britain’s Got Talent returns to our screens, time to look at one of the burning questions of our time; does Alfie Boe look like Declan Donnelly?

OK, not really a burning questions but whenever Ant & Dec appear on TV there are always plenty of tweets saying “Alfie Boe really looks like Dec”. This usually leads to heated debate amongst Alfie fans who either agree or vehemently disagree – what side of the fence are you on?



la passioneI have to confess that I do think a beardless Alfie bears more than a passing resemblance to Dec but I’m sure lots of you will disagree!

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