11 comments on “2015: It Was A Very Good Year

  1. It’s been a very good year. Thank you for this blog to help keep us informed and up to date with everything Alfie Boe. You’re doing a great job, Jane. Wishing you and yours and Mr. Alfie Boe and his a very happy 2016!!

  2. (Brazil-rj) For you Jane and family a very happy Christmas and wishing to 2016 a year of great time for you and this wonderful blog with many great moments with our dear Alfie

  3. You have had a great year! I always enjoy reading your blog and looking at the videos that you post with it. You didn’t explain why you were so happy that Addio sogni di gloria was #1-I am interested in your comments. I love Run so I am glad that you put it in this post-any ideas of whether or not he is going to record it? I am interested in what he has planned for the Spring-I should think a new album since that has usually been the pattern. A very happy holiday to you and all your readers.

    • Thanks Cathy – I love Addio Sogni di Gloria as it showcases Alfie’s vocal range to it’s best and it was so nice to have a new number 1. There is so much more to Alfie Boe than BHH!

  4. Jane it’s always a delight to read your blog and such a good way of keeping in touch – and I think it’s wonderful that Alfie recognises the value and importance of this – long may it continue and I hope to see you and Cecelia in the New Year

  5. That’s lovely xxxx Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to you hunny xx thank you for all you write xx I don’t interact very often, but I thoroughly enjoy reading your wonderful work xxx keep at it hunny, you have a gift and a talent x

  6. Bless your heart Jane. It’s obvious from your writing that you love what you do, and so do we! Can’t wait to see where your blogging takes you in 2016. X

  7. Merry Christmas!

    Thank you Jane for this wonderful high-quality Blog. You’re always first with the information and produce great interesting in-depth articles. Keep up the good work for 2016…..

    Plus, I’m chuffed that you often want to use my photos and videos. x

  8. Jane, we love you and we love your blog! For those of us who felt bereft at the loss of ABUK you have been a godsend, long may you continue to inform and delight us.
    See you SOON I hope, but it probably won’t be Scarborough
    Happy Christmas lovely, and a fabulous new year xx

  9. Jane that was a fascinating read,what a busy and exciting year it’s been for you? Thank you for writing this well informed blog,you are a wonderful writer. Where else could we get all this information about Alfie, see the all the great videos and photos,thanks to those involved with those,all under one banner.
    Thanks for the mention,I hope one day we may meet at an Alfie Concert but only if it’s a small venue,which I expect may be doubtful. So just make sure you keep blogging,thank you.x,

  10. Thank YOU Jane – we appreciate you taking the time to write it and we enjoy reading it [even Alfie!] I’m sure you must have been thrilled with the first 3 items on the list. We haven’t met yet but if you come to Scarborough maybe we will.

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