Winner of an Alfie Boe Goodie Bundle is…

Christine Firby!

Well done Christine – the Alfie Boe goodie bundle will be winding it’s way to you shortly.

Christine correctly answered the question

How many albums has Alfie released in the UK?

The answer is:   9

Now, this is a fan blog for Alfie Boe so I was astonished when there were less than 10 correct answers to this question!  A complete discography can be found by clicking here but the UK albums are as follows:

Classic FM Presents


La Passione

Love Was A Dream

Bring Him Home





So, if you entered the competition and answered 8 as so many of you did – which album did you forget about? Leave a comment to tell me!

I have a sneaking suspicion that you might have forgotten Classic FM or Love Was A Dream as these were the least owned albums in our survey published in January 2015 (click here to see the results).  If you don’t yet have these albums, they are available here:

classic fm album

Classic FM is only available as used.

love was a dream

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7 thoughts on “Winner of an Alfie Boe Goodie Bundle is…

  1. Mari

    You asked how many albums Alfie has released and the answer is ten
    You didn’t say you only meant new albums of completely new tracks. I am sure 99% of people agree with me that the correct answer is ten.
    It doesn’t matter now.

    1. thoughtsofjustafan Post author

      Well – 99% of people thought there were 8 albums Marie, not 10 so I’ll have to disagree with your comment!

    1. thoughtsofjustafan Post author

      That has a lot of tracks from previous albums – I only considered complete albums of new tracks.

  2. Christine.f

    Thank you! I can’t believe I won – I never seem to win anything usually. After entering I really thought I wouldn’t win, wasn’t sure where “you’ll never walk alone” fitted in if it did at all so felt sure I’d answered wrongly. Guess I shouldn’t have doubted my Alfie knowledge after all!! Thanks so much again, can’t wait to see what I’ve won!

    1. thoughtsofjustafan Post author

      You obviously knew more than you realised! – check your email so you can send me your address x

      1. Christine.F

        Thanks! I’ve e-mailed you my address, sorry for delay only just seen your comment on here asking for it. Checked my e-mail as requested, not sure what I was supposed to find – didn’t find anything regarding sending my address so just replied to your e-mail announcing the winner of this competition.
        Hope you get my e-mail and address ok – let me know either by e-mail or a comment on here.
        Thanks again!

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