Trials and Tribulations of being a fan of Alfie Boe

Alfie Boe singing Bring Him Home at Blackpool Opera House, April 2013 – thanks to Linda Wellington for sharing the video

Just over a year ago I was surfing youtube and came across the amazing voice of Alfie Boe and confess that I was completely and utterly Boed! Since then, my life has changed dramatically; I travel around (although not as much as I would like) to see Alfie in concert or sign his latest album and I have met a whole lot of new friends online.  Some of them I have “properly” met too!
Alfie’s recent “Storyteller” tour was a wonderful experience and left us fans gagging for more of the same thank you!  Understandably, Alfie then had some time off which led to a small group of fans almost going out of their minds with not much news at all.

And then…the news started rolling in again with talk of recording the next album and just today, news that Alfie will be appearing in ITV’s Mr Selfridge in 2014.  This Alfie fan at least, is in seventh heaven again!


Thanks for reading – this is my first attempt at a blog xx