thoughtsofjustafan – It’s Our First Anniversary!

Yes, it’s exactly one year since I took the plunge and started blogging on my own site – and what a year it’s been!  There have been many highlights such as conducting my first interviews, getting published in the Huffington Post (I now have more non Alfie Huff posts), getting 40k plus hits, telling you the exclusive news about Alfie’s official facebook fan group, but the moment to top the lot was talking to Alfie at Somerset House and hearing him tell me he loved this blog!  Now be honest, how many of you were surprised at my top highlight?

Some fun facts and figures about the first year for you:

  • The poll with the most votes: Alfie Boe’s Best Look
  • Number of comments received: 265
  • Post with highest number of hits: Alfie Boe at the Royal Variety Performance
  • Most viewed page: Alfie Boe on Youtube
  • Most commented on posts: Alfie Boe’s Best Song Countdown

I couldn’t do this without your fabulous support – thank you for reading and sharing, in particular:

Sue Black, Linda Anstee, Lyn Thomas, Ellen Rook, Cynthia Shepherd, Kate Bilsborough, Karen Blower, Janet Hudson, Pauline Routier, Sue Redfern and Nicola Lange for spreading the Alfie Boe love on social media so much xxx

Thank you again to Linda Wellington, Nikki Lewis, Carole Hunt and Marcia Studley for letting me use their videos and photos xxx

Thank you to my personal cheerleader Debbie Bannigan for her unstinting support, encouragement and willingness to share her amazing fount of knowledge – you are a superstar xxx

So, onwards to year two!  What will this year bring – haven’t the foggiest but can’t wait to find out!  As always, I love to find out what you think, so please fill in the form with your ideas for thoughtsofjustafan in the coming year!

I’ll leave you with Love Reign O’er Me from Alfie’s UK tour (thanks Linda)

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