8 comments on “The Two Linda’s, Alfie Boe and Me

  1. Loved reading your thoughts. He & his voice has affected so much in my world too. I am hooked. He can do anything & I’ll love it. He is truly a Rock Star here on Broadway. Can not stay away. He is so generous with his time and kind, so kind. God Bless him always. His CD’s are always on in our house/car. I’m driving my family crazy. He, his talent have brought so much to me

  2. Wonderful to read, although I have to wait until April 2014 to finally meet Jane, I met Linda A in Bournemouth earlier this year, such a genuine person. I had not managed a VIP ticket so at breakfast Linda very surprisingly and kindly gave me a present I will treasure forever and I can only hope that we will meet again in the future – totally understand Jane saying they got on like a house on fire too.

  3. Ohhh i’m famous! and this is only half the story, do you have a section for band members beginning with M? lol ……..this is a great blog Jane, Thank you! xxx

  4. Loved reading this Jane. I have my own memory of meeting each of you and you’re right, this land of Boe we found ourselves in is a special place.

  5. Well written, I enjoyed reading your blog, and as another member of the Alfie group, also called Linda, it was like reading my own story.

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