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Free Music from Wakey Wakey

Last week I told you about a great new album from New York based indie band, Wakey Wakey.  The album is called Overreactivist and I loved it.  My favourite track has the best video too and it’s called Homeless Poets:

In honour of the album release on  26 February (that’s tomorrow, people!), Wakey Wakey are giving away a free track from Overreactivist – aren’t they lovely?

I’ve teamed up with Angry Baby Music to bring you this, so please click here to download the fabulous track, Adam and Eve.


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Alfie Boe’s Luna Malinconia Video!

If you’ve ever had a yearning to see Alfie on a bike, your wish is about to come true!  Apart from the initial promotional video for Alfie Boe’s Serenata album, Luna Malinconia is the first video to be released and yes, we do get to see Mr. Boe on a bike!  Incidentally, those music industry people know what they’re doing…at just over a minute long, this video leaves us wanting more, more, more!

Serenata will be released on 17th November and can be pre-ordered now:


Place the pre-order now and download Luna Malinconia at the same time.

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