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On This Day, 16 September 2012, Alfie Boe Sang…

I Wanna Know What Love Is at the Sunflower Jam:

Thanks as ever to Linda W for sharing (listen at the beginning and you can hear a few shouts of “Go on Alfie” from Linda).

Sunflower Jam was a concert at the Royal Albert Hall to raise money for a charity of the same name, raising funds for and awareness of an integrated approach to cancer treatments.  Featuring an enviable line up including Brian May, Alice Cooper, Kerry Ellis, Ian Paice, Steve Balsamo and Rick Wakeman, the concert also featured a few musicians who went on to tour with Alfie on the Storyteller tour.


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Great music with Alfie Boe and Sunflower Jam

Well, in a recent blog post (What’s the cost of following Alfie Boe?) I pondered how much cash we fans will happily part with in order to see just a tiny snippet of Alfie doing what he does best.  The answer turned out to be quite a lot actually! At the time of writing that blog, I had four CD’s or DVD’s on pre-order; a few days later, that number had grown to five, all due for delivery between September and Christmas.

Now, that number has once again reduced to four as the FIRST ONE ARRIVED YESTERDAY!!! Sunflower Jam 2012 was on the doormat when I got home and of course I had to watch it straight away. It’s obviously no secret that I bought it purely for Alfie but having watched it, I can honestly say the whole thing is great.


Alfie frequently says that there is no differences between music, only good music and bad.  He also mentions being on a musical journey, hopefully taking his fans along with him for the ride.  Although I love being on Alfie’s musical journey, I wasn’t really sure how I would feel about the Sunflower Jam; after all, I only have Led Zep on my iPod because Alfie sang it!  However, my musical tastes have certainly changed as I really enjoyed the whole DVD – and I would never normally choose to listen to most of the featured artists.

So, if you want to see Alfie having the time of his life and enjoy some fabulous music too, buy this great DVD.  it’s for charity too! xx


What’s the cost of following Alfie Boe?

So, I hear you ask, what is the cost of being an Alfie Boe fan?  Well, on one level is depends entirely on how many concerts or live performances you are able to attend.  Some people are happy with one or two concerts per tour, others are lucky enough to be able to afford many more.

On another level, there are the CD’s and DVD’s available.  I, for instance, have just placed an order for my fourth CD or DVD that will be released in the run up to Christmas. You may think that is overkill but I’m not alone – and on two of these orders, Alfie only features (Sunflower Jam 2012 DVD and Home for the Holidays 2012 CD from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir). Sunflower Jam DVD is available for pre-order, for a taster see the trailer below:

Anyhow, I know that whatever CD’s and DVD’s Alfie appears on in the future, I’ll be ordering them. Being a fan of Alfie Boe may cost a few pennies but it’s totally worth it, not least for the friends I have made.

Thanks for reading xx