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What is Alfie Boe’s Best Ever Song?

That’s what I want you to tell me!  We all have our favourite Alfie Boe songs, whether they are from the early, operatic part of his career, the musical theatre albums or the more recent rockier songs.  Here are thoughtsofjustafan we want to find out if Bring Him Home is indeed the fan’s favourite Alfie Boe song or if we prefer something else.

Please fill in the form below with your choices …and they need to be songs that Alfie has recorded at some point in his career, whether on an album, a stand alone song or as a guest on someone else’s album.  Duets can be included too.

When we’ve got a good list, there’ll be a poll to vote for your favourite song and a Top Ten countdown to the release of Serenata.

To aid your thinking caps, here is my choice, one of them anyway – I do realize I’ve set an impossible task!

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