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Barcelona Live with Alfie Boe & Katherine Jenkins

Hot on the heels of the news that Alfie Boe has recorded Barcelona on Katherine Jenkins’ new album, we heard the song live for the first time.

Alfie and Katherine appeared at the “Live at Edinburgh Castle” concert ahead of next week’s Commonwealth Games and while all the pop acts got at least two songs each, the classical acts had to put up with only one, much to the consternation of their fans!  Twitter and facebook were (and still are) awash with comments along the lines of “why only one song”.

Still, in the case of Alfie and Katherine, what a corker their one song was!  If you haven’t seen it yet, or even if you have and want to see it again…and again…and again, here it is:

If you want to pre-order the album, click on the image below:

katherine jenkins

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Alfie Boe Guests on Katherine Jenkins New Album

Earlier in the year, Alfie Boe fans were thrilled to discover that he was recording a song for a Decca label mate’s next album.  Speculation was rife as to the artist in question and the song they would sing together…now I’m happy to say that I was right and Alfie will be appearing on Katherine Jenkins’ new album, Home Sweet Home.  The  song is Barcelona, so memorably performed with Laura Wright at the Freddie for a Day evening last year.  This version made the top 5 f the recent Alfie Boe’s Best Ever Duet poll so no pressure for this version then!

Click on the album cover below to order through the thoughtsofjustafan Amazon store:

katherine jenkins


Alfie fans were spoilt when the album was released as it was released on the same day  Serenata.  Serenata is also available for to buy, so if you haven’t yet done so, click on the album cover below:


Great to see Alfie duetting with Katherine on her new album, they have sung together before, although this will be with first time on an album.  The previous occasion was at the Classic Brits in 2011 when they teamed up for a John Barry tribute and again at Edinburgh Castle in advance of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow (just don’t ask Alfie what Commonwealth sports he likes!):


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Pre-Order Alfie Boe’s New Album Serenata!

Alfie Boe’s new album, Serenata, can now be ordered via Amazon UK!

Originally scheduled for an October release, it’s now due out in November but to ensure you get your copy, just click on the album cover below to buy from the thoughtsofjustafan Amazon store.




What an exciting time we have to look forward to with Alfie!

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Exclusive Track Listing for Michael Boe’s New Album!

The day has arrived!  Michael Boe and Sean Ashmore will shortly be entering the studio to record their new album of musical theatre songs and – as a special treat for you – we can now reveal the track listing exclusively, right here, on thoughtsofjustafan!

If you remember, Michael and Sean asked for readers to help pick the tracks and promised that the first person to pick a song that made the final cut would have that song dedicated to them – so congratulations to the ones that were chosen:

Not while I’m around – Sweeney Todd – dedicated to Pamela Eubanks
Every Single Day – Harmony  – dedicated to Maureen Goldsworthy
If Ever I would Leave You – Camelot –  dedicated to Beverley Eagle
If I loved you – Carousel – dedicated to Lilian Evans
Memory – Cats – dedicated to Cynthia Shepherd

Serenade – The Student Prince
Where or When – Babes in Arms
Not a Day Goes By – Merrily We Roll Along
Bui Doi – Miss Saigon

Stay tuned for the winner of the free CD  – this will be picked when the album is ready for release!

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Exclusive: Michael Boe Album News!

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Here at thoughtsofjustafan, we’re all about sharing good music with as many people as possible – especially if its music from Alfie or that he appreciates. So what better way of doing just that than telling people about the wonderful music that comes from Alfie’s brother, Michael Boe?

I’ve just had exciting news from Michael Boe and Sean Ashmore that they’ll be entering the studio to record their new album shortly and – as a special treat for you – they’re revealing the track listing exclusively, right here, on thoughtsofjustafan.

To repay their kindness, lets spread the word about their album. To get this exclusive sneak peek at their track list, all you have to do is subscribe to thoughtsofjustafan.

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The track listing won’t be shared anywhere else fora while so what are you waiting for?  Get sharing…and let’s show Michael and Sean how much we love what they do

To get you in the mood, here’s a clip from Michael and Sean’s previous album, A La Voix, for your listening pleasure:

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Win a Copy of Michael Boe and Sean Ashmore’s New Album

michael and sean

Great news this week for all those Michael Boe and Sean Ashmore fans – a new album is in the works!  Following on from the success of their last album, A La Voix, available from North Star Opera (click here to buy), Michael and Sean are heading to the studio soon to record an album of musical theatre songs.

Now for the exciting bit!

Michael and Sean are keen to get suggestions for this new album, as yet untitled, and are running a competition to win a copy of the CD!  One suggestion will be picked at random.

To enter, do the following:

fill in the comment box below,

tweet your suggestion to @mashboe

As an added incentive, Michael and Sean will dedicate each song on the album to the first person to suggest it  – so get thinking!

Happy Humpday Alfie Boe Fans!

Great news this Wednesday – Alfie will begin recording his new album tomorrow!

The album is due for release in September and is being produced by James Morgan and Juliette Pochin (who also produced Bring Him Home).

To celebrate, here’s Alfie’s magical rendition of Bring Him Home on the Storyteller tour last year (thanks to Linda Wellington for sharing).

Bring Him Home is available via the link below:


alfie shop LOGO

Alfie Boe Confirms New Album for September!

This time last week, I was waking up to the glorious videos of the Seoul concert that Alfie performed in on 15 March.

This week, I wake up to the equally glorious news that Alfie is back in the UK to record a new album! The album is as yet untitled and we don’t know the genre of music (other than it will be GOOD music) but we do know it is due for release in September.  Yet again Alfie will be thrilling us at the end of the year, as the new album is scheduled just a couple of months ahead of the Trust tour. Yippee!

When I first listened to Trust, I couldn’t stop myself dancing to Glory Glory Hallelujah and this is exactly how I feel today – thanks to Linda Wellington for the video:

Trust is available via the link below:

alfie shop LOGO

God Give Me Strength…to wait patiently for Alfie Boe’s New Album!

If you’re a committed Alfie Boe fan like me, you’ll have spotted the pun in the title of this post.  God Give Me Strength is a Bacharach song that appears on Alfie’s new album “Trust” which is due to be released in November in the UK.  Now, I have only recently become aware of this song and I can’t say I was enamoured with it when I first heard it and wasn’t all that keen on Alfie including it on “Trust”.  However, Alfie has guided me to all sorts of new music and I thought I would have to trust him on this one too. (Sorry about all these puns, can’t stop myself!) Luckily, Alfie has put me out of my misery by singing God Give Me Strength at the Glasgow Proms in the Park and I can safely day that I totally LOVED it! Thanks to Annie Lloyd for sharing this clip – look out for a stunning performance on the Hammond organ too x

Alfie has opened my ears to a whole new world of music (who knew I would ever have Led Zeppelin on my iPod?) and Trust looks to be no exception.  Already we know a few tracks; in addition to God Give Me Strength, we have Warren Zevon’s Keep Me In Your Heart, You’ve Got A Friend, Where You Lead and Dimming of the Day, a song that Alfie sang on his Storyteller tour earlier this year.

But the best news of all is that “Trust” is not only the name of the album, it is the title of an original song written for Alfie – the first such song to appear on one of Alfie’s albums.  Really can’t wait to hear that one!

“Trust” is available to pre-order from AmazonUK – go and do it now!

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