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Short but Sweet – Alfie’s flying UK visit

Out of the ashes of the fated US tour, Alfie Boe rises again – at least for a few days to promote Trust (best ever album!) and his forthcoming appearance in Mr Selfridge.  At this point in time, we all know that Alfie should be at the beginning of a sellout tour of the USA. Sadly, it was not to be and instead, the UK fans got to see him on the Alan Titchmarsh TV this week. Now, some US fans were a little put out about this but all is not lost as Alfie said he is flying back to America this weekend in order to promote the US release of Trust!

For those of you who don’t know the Alan Titchmarsh set up, it’s a daily, live TV show broadcast from the ITV studios in London.  I applied for tickets, not really expecting I would get them and lo and behold, I got two tickets! Unfortunately, I knew straight away I wouldn’t be able to go as it clashed with work so Linda Wellington (she of the wonderful photos and videos, aka one of The Two Linda’s) went with my mum, Iris. The day and journey didn’t start too well as there was a tube strike and as usual, rain and big gusts of wind. However, they met up as planned and had a fabulous time, ending up in the front row.  For those of you who know Linda, this is not unusual! Alfie was on the show the whole time which caused some hilarity involving beach balls and leaf blowers.  My mum was particularly pleased that she caught one of Alfie’s balls!

The show closed with Alfie singing “God Give Me Strength” which is, I think, one of his favourites from the album as he always picks this if asked to choose (frequent occurrence on radio).  Linda was thrilled to see guitarist Murray Gould  – when I watched the show later, I was almost as thrilled to see Murray as Alfie!

Alfie also mentioned he may do more Neapolitan songs on the “Trust” tour later this year, so in anticipation, here is Alfie singing Chitarra Romana at the Royal Albert Hall in April 2013:

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God Give Me Strength…to wait patiently for Alfie Boe’s New Album!

If you’re a committed Alfie Boe fan like me, you’ll have spotted the pun in the title of this post.  God Give Me Strength is a Bacharach song that appears on Alfie’s new album “Trust” which is due to be released in November in the UK.  Now, I have only recently become aware of this song and I can’t say I was enamoured with it when I first heard it and wasn’t all that keen on Alfie including it on “Trust”.  However, Alfie has guided me to all sorts of new music and I thought I would have to trust him on this one too. (Sorry about all these puns, can’t stop myself!) Luckily, Alfie has put me out of my misery by singing God Give Me Strength at the Glasgow Proms in the Park and I can safely day that I totally LOVED it! Thanks to Annie Lloyd for sharing this clip – look out for a stunning performance on the Hammond organ too x

Alfie has opened my ears to a whole new world of music (who knew I would ever have Led Zeppelin on my iPod?) and Trust looks to be no exception.  Already we know a few tracks; in addition to God Give Me Strength, we have Warren Zevon’s Keep Me In Your Heart, You’ve Got A Friend, Where You Lead and Dimming of the Day, a song that Alfie sang on his Storyteller tour earlier this year.

But the best news of all is that “Trust” is not only the name of the album, it is the title of an original song written for Alfie – the first such song to appear on one of Alfie’s albums.  Really can’t wait to hear that one!

“Trust” is available to pre-order from AmazonUK – go and do it now!

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