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Karaoke to Car Fest: Alfie Boe and Elvis

There are two types of music, good and bad

The quote above comes from Alfie Boe who is endlessly asked about his broad musical choices and indeed, this love of and willingness to sing as many genres of music as possible, has gained him many fans.  It should be noted however, that this all encompassing approach to music has sometimes meant that critics and some fans are a little confused by Alfie’s career!  More to come of that in a later post.

Fans of Alfie know that one of his longest standing musical influences is the King himself, Elvis Presley.  In his autobiography, My Story, Alfie mentions that he first started listening to Elvis through his brother Joe who was a big fan; he remains a fan to this day, choosing Burning Love as one of his tracks on James Watt’s Radio Stoke One on One interview in November 2014. I’m particularly happy about this as it’s one of my favourite Elvis tracks – would love to hear Alfie sing this!  Are there any other Elvis songs that you would like to hear Alfie sing?  Let me know in the form below:

Back in October, I asked you what your favourite Alfie Boe singing Elvis song was and this was the list you came up with:

The first video is from Car Fest South when Alfie returned to his West London Karaoke Championship winning song Suspicious Minds to the unconfined joy of the entire crowd including Chris Evans – what a moment.  Really glad that If I Can Dream made the list as it meant I could choose one of my favourite Storyteller tour videos (showcasing the incredible talents of Seweuse and Lucy on backing vocals).  This song also gave me one of my favourite Alfie moments with my 8yo son: with my iPod on shuffle one day, Elvis singing If I Can Dream came on and 8yo asked who was singing.  When I replied Elvis, he looked totally confused and said “but why is he singing one of Alfie’s songs” – my work is complete LOL.

Would love to hear your Alfie / Elvis moments, leave me a comment!  You will all have to go a long way to better Cecelia’s Elvis moment – a few years ago (!) at the tender age of 5 she was on holiday when she met the King himself and got a kiss from him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How fantastic is that?????

I’ll leave you with Elvis and Burning Love:

Enjoy Alfie singing Elvis on the Storyteller DVD :

storyteller dvd

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