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Ball and Boe Attempt Album Signing World Record

Fantastic news for all those Alfie Boe and Michael Ball fans who want to get their Together Again album signed in person – the pair have just released a string of album signings.

All signings are on release day, 27 October and as this is a world record attempt, timings are expected to be strict – or we’ll end up in Oxford Street at midnight!  For the same reason, photos with Alfie and Michael might not be possible.  As with anything, it’s better to be early!

If you want to make history with Alfie and Michael, get down to Blackpool, Manchester Arndale, Sheffield Meadowhall, Nottingham or London Oxford St on 27 October – hope to see lots of you in Oxford St!

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Alfie Boe’s Serenata is Here – Updated Post

Updated to include a full clip of BBC Breakfast:

At last, I was able to download Alfie Boe”s Serenata this morning which made a fantastic start to an otherwise drab and dreary Monday.  At this early stage I don’t have a favourite track, although Addio Sogni di Gloria may be it, they are all just absolutely beautiful.  Forgive me, a longer review will appear here…SOON!

Before that, though, Alfie was a guest on BBC Breakfast today with Bill Turnbull and Louise Minchin –  nice interview although even Louise seemed exasperated that Bill mentioned the car mechanic story!  On the other hand, she clearly liked having Alfie cuddle up at the end of the show:


Monday continued in a good vein for some fans in the North West with the CD signing in HMV Manchester – onto HMV Blackpool tomorrow.  Now, if he can just pop down to an HMV in London this week, that would be great too!

Other Alfie appearances this week:

Loose Women – Friday 12.30pm – changed from Thursday and NOT CONFIRMED YET

Friday Night is Music Night – BBC Radio 2  8pm

Weekend Kitchen – Saturday  9am

If you don’t yet have Serenata, you can buy below:


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Trust – Alfie Boe’s Best Ever Album

Alfie Boe’s latest album, Trust, hit stores on Monday 11th November and is currently gracing the number 11 spot in the charts as we speak, having gone straight into the top 10 in the first week. Of course, lots of those sales were in pre-orders. Some fans even have more than one copy already (don’t tell anyone, but I picked up my third copy at the HMV Oxford Street CD signing)!
So, what do I think of the album? Having listened pretty much non stop to Trust since the release date, I can honestly say that I think this is Alfie’s best album to date. Long term fans will know that Alfie has been heading in this musical direction for a while now. The last three tracks of the previous album, Storyteller, are imbued with a blues, country and gospel sound that leads straight into Trust, particularly the glorious Glory, Glory Hallelujah and Rosie. So far, my favourite songs are Keep Me In Your Heart and Glory Glory although there is a special place in my heart for Trust, the first song on any album to written especially for Alfie. Fans have long voiced the opinion that original material would be wonderful and it is definitely worth the wait.
There are a few songs on the album that are completely new to me but I love having my musical knowledge challenged and broadened by Alfie and am enjoying getting to know Forever Young and God Give Me Strength. Dimming of the Day is beautifully sung by Shawn Colvin, an artist I am enjoying getting to know but I have to confess a sneaking wish for the lovely tones of Emilia Mitiku.

We are blessed with Alfie appearances on TV and radio at the moment and one of the most wonderful things about this is the opportunity to spend time with the lovely friends I’ve made – you know who you are! One friend in particular has a very soft spot for Murray Gould so this video was included especially for lovely Linda (one half of The two Linda’s) – enjoy!