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Vote for Your Favourite Alfie Boe Support Act!

It’s polling time again!  It’s been a while since the last poll (in fact, we have to go back to last year when we voted for the second annual Best Alfie Boe Song) so we’re well overdue.  So far in our polling history we’ve found the answers to such conundrums as Alfie’s Best Look, Fans Favourite Duet, Fans Favourite Classical Video and Best Live Song but the question I’m now asking (thanks to Jan Fitzgibbons for suggesting it) is

I know, it’s a tough one!  Or then again, it might not be a tough one – you might have a firm favourite already.  It doesn’t matter if you saw all or none of the performers as we are lucky enough to have the Alfie Boe YouTube page to view all three performers (click here).

Laura Wright was of course the support act for Alfie’s first headline tour, Bring Him Home (sadly for me, before I   was a fan), Emilia Mitiku came in for the Storyteller tour and last but not least, New Zealand trio Sol3 Mio supported Alfie on the Serenata tour.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll take a closer look at all three acts. I do have my own favourite but I’m not going to reveal it yet!

For the purposes of this poll, we’re only looking at the main support acts for Alfie’s three headline tours of the UK so apologies to all Matt Lucas and Jason Manford fans – we’ll come back to them at a later date.

To help you decide between Laura, Emilia and Sol3 Mio, here are six videos, one each with Alfie and one by themselves (Laura’s videos show Alfie’s cheeky side and watch out for Alfie’s incidental joke at Emilia’s expense too!):

One of these videos contains one of my all time favourite Alfie songs – do you know which one?

The Storyteller and Bring Him Home tours are available on DVD:


storyteller dvd

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It’s the First Anniversary of Alfie Boe’s Serenata!

Yes, one year ago, I was enraptured by this beautiful album that I had only heard snippets from over the summer.  Alfie Boe’s Serenata was something that I had been looking forward to hearing in it’s entirety since he first teased us with a few songs at James Morgan’s Parkinson’s UK fundraiser, SymFunny, back in June that year.

Looking back at the review, my initial favourite was Serenata Celeste which then changed to Feneste Vascia.  I think I ended up with the new fans’s favourite song, Addio Sogni di Gloria by the end of the review whilst also saving a mention for Rondine al Nido amongst others.  As always, I can never choose just one favourite song when it comes to Alfie.  Now, regular readers will know that I usually don’t listen to Alfie singing when I’m blogging as there is always a danger that nothing will get written as he’s far too distracting!  Nevertheless, I’m breaking the habit to listen as I blog now and…you guessed it, I’m having considerable difficulty choosing again!  I think though, that I’ll go for a song that only appeared once on Alfie’s UK tour, Serenata Celeste:

If you haven’t got this beautiful album in your collection yet, it’s available now:


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