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Winners of the Signed Finding Neverland Playbills!

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition to win the signed Finding Neverland playbills – the winners are:

Akiko Yonezawa

Pat Watterson

Jo Cassidy

Please send your address details via the contact me page and I’ll get them sent out!

The question that all three answered correctly was:

Which actors played JM Barrie before Alfie Boe?

The answer I was looking for was Matthew Morrison and Tony Yazbeck although I also accepted answers that included Jeremy Jordan and Julian Ovenden.

In case you missed it, Alfie appeared on Kathie Lee and Hoda’s segment of the Today Show on Monday, singing the title track from Finding Neverland (click on Alfie to see):

alfie today show stronger

Amazing last note!  But I have one gripe; guitarist Craig’s beard was in much better shape than Alfie’s – perhaps I’ll have to add him to the beard line up on Darwin, Alfie Boe, His Beard and Me.

Alfie’s a busy boy this week as he’s of course appearing in the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations where he’ll be singing A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square – wonder if he’ll have a second song too?

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On This Day, 13 February 2010, Alfie Boe Sang…

Funiculi Funicula with the Leigh Orpheus Male Voice Choir, in a fund raising concert for the RNLI.  Alfie recorded this for the La Passione album in 2007 and it’s one of my favourites – I always sing along despite only knowing two words!  And I bet I’m not the only one!!!  The only things I’m not keen on is the lack of beard; regular readers will know that I’m quite keen on Alfie Boe’s Beard – and I definitely know I’m not alone on this one!

This concert was at the Cliffs Pavilion, Southend, where Alfie appeared on his UK tour of summer 2012.  The set list then was considerably different – as befitted his musical journey at that time.

Since Alfie has included some more classical songs to his recent repertoire, I wonder if he would ever consider singing this again?  Oh well, a girl can dream!

La Passione can be ordered below:

la passione

Alfie’s return to Neapolitan songs, Serenata, is also available:


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Darwin, Alfie Boe, His Beard and Me – A New Beard in Town

Have beards had their day?  According to a new study by the University of New South Wales, Darwinian selection has a say in the ebbs and flows of beard fashion – the more beards there are, the less attractive they become, thereby handing advantage to clean shaven men.  When this happens, the pendulum swings away from a lot of beards to less beards.  The rarer a beard is, the more attractive it is; conversely, in a bearded world, clean shaven is the more attractive option.

Anyway, this is all very well, but what does this mean to Alfie fans?  Do we think Alfie will shave his beard or keep with it, after all, he’s had for quite a while now.  Do we even prefer him with a beard or without?


alfie carfest

Personally, I love the beard despite not being a fan of beards before I became a fan.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that beards positively turned me off before.  Not any more, beards are often the thing I notice first! And now, thanks to this study, I can say it’s evolution, nothing to do with me at all!

Just to prove it, here are a few photos of my favourite beards – and there’s a new beard in town! But I kind of think I would like Ricky Wilson clean shaven too  x

ricky wilson

And another beard we like (although, again, a clean shaven Toby Stephens is also delightful) – this shows Toby as Captain Flint in the engrossing pirate series Black Sails:

toby stephens


The lovely Ben Affleck:
ben affleck beard
george clooney beard Gorgeous George Clooney
JOJ beard
The lovely John Owen Jones