3 comments on “Storming End to Alfie Boe’s 2014 Tour

  1. This is just to share my thoughts on Alfie’s Glasgow Hydro concert. This sadly was my first Alfie concert and guaranteed not to be my last. Wish I could afford to attend them all!! It was made very special for me by some fantastic work colleagues. For several months I had been working on a piece of cross stitch, to give to Alfie as a gift. Was hoping to present it in person, but not sure how to make that happen. One of my colleagues contacted Alfie and he agreed to meet with me after the show. WOW no words to describe how I felt when we were taken backstage and he was just standing there with that wonderful smile. All I could do was give him a big hug!! He thanked me for my gift and signed all that I had taken with me. What an honour and privilege. I did not stop smiling for a week. If possible I will add a photo of his gift and the photo I had taken on that wonderful night. Dreams can come true. Xx

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