Sol3 Mio Join Alfie Boe for UK Tour

Fans of Alfie Boe have been wondering for a while now who will be supporting him on his UK tour in November / December.  Well, last week, Alfie himself told us that his guests would be a New Zealand operatic trio, Sol3 Mio.  If the former Trust tour had not recently been re-marketed as the “Classic songs from all the albums” the choice of guest artist may have given us a clue that Alfie may be singing a more classical repertoire.

Sol3 Mio are comprised of tenor brothers, Pene and Amitai Pati and their baritone cousin, Moses Mackay.  The three hail from New Zealand via Samoa and have been singing together as Sol3 Mio since 2011.  However, they all have classical training (University of Auckland) and have been recognised as emerging talents in New Zealand, notably Pene was the 2010 NZ Performer Of The Year, Amitai won the 2012 Lexus Song Quest and Moses was recognized as an Emerging Artist by the Dame Malvina Major Foundation just last year. In addition, all three attended Wales International Academy of Voice.

The video below shows that Sol3 Mio have fabulous comic timing to match their wonderful voices and should be a great support act for Alfie, not known for taking himself too seriously either!

The dreaded classical crossover material is trotted out (no surprises there) but their stage presence clearly comes across, as does their views about taking classical music to a new audience.  Sounding familiar yet?  Who knows, by the end of Alfie’s tour, Sol3 Mio but be heard to say “there’s only two kinds of music”…you know the rest!

Sol3 Mio’s album is available on amazon – click the image to buy:

Sol3 mio


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