One comment on “So You Think You Know Alfie Boe?

  1. So You Think You Know Alfie Boe?

    Yes, I think.

    1 James Matthew Barrie (J. M. Barrie)

    2 Norm Lewis at the 25th anniversary

    3 3 brothers and 5 sister: (Joseph, John, Anne, Teresa, Pauline, Michael, Francis, Maria )

    4 David Miller and Jesus Garcia

    5 United Talent Agency

    6 (I don’t know if I understand the question, but it was fun to remember this)

    Bring Him Home Tour – Matt Lucas, Melanie C, Tom Fletcher , Claude-Michel Schönberg e Shakira Riddell-Morales.

    Storyteller Tour: Emilia Mitiku

    Serenata Tour – Sol3 Mio – Rick Wakeman (London)

    7 Glyndebourne – Albert Herring.

    8 English National Opera at the London Coliseum

    9 The Mikado

    10 ‘Against the Tide’

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