8 comments on “Scarborough Concert Cancellation

  1. I am so sorry that ALFIE has been involved in some bad incident . He must try not to worry about his fans. We will always wait for him. Take as much time as you should do. That’s my advice

  2. Dear Alfie, I am thinking kind thoughts of you and praying for a speedy and complete recovery. You fill my life with joy and love. I wish nothing but the very best for you.

    Robin Carlson
    Vermont, USA

  3. Please wish Alfie a speedy recovery. I am still going to go to Scarborough as everything is booked. I will support the armed forces day. Hope to see him soon x

  4. Jane – Thank you for passing on.the information. I can only imagine how upset Alfie must be that a concert with this significance had to be cancelled. Please convey my sincere good wishes to Alfie for a complete, painless as possible recovery.

  5. Jayne do we know what Alfies injuries are? Is it his back again. I have been on holiday so I am a bit behind with the news. I read that he is being temporarily replaced is he expected to rejoin NF before the end of his contract. Will his injury effect his tour and/ or his proposed commencement in NF next year?

    Sorry to bombard you with questions but you are our link with Vector. Please pass on my best wishes to Alfie via Vector.

    Thanks Jayne


    • Hi Pauline, there is no news on Alfie’s injury at present – Alfie will let us know as and when he wants to share that information.

      No news on FN other than posted on Upcoming Events.

  6. Sad news! I guess we shall all have to focus on the tour later this year. I will miss catching up with all the lovely people I’ve met through Alfie as much as not seeing our man, who I hope gets well very soon. xxx

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