Raphael Doyle – He Comes From Ireland

Here on thoughtsofjustafan I like to bring you new music, indeed this is the second time this week that I’m bringing you new music, and I very often find new stuff from Flo at Angry Baby.  This week, I was stopped in my tracks by a hauntingly beautiful poem by Raphael Doyle, I Come From Ireland:

Autobiographical and sometimes brutal in it’s honesty, it draws the listener into the story of Doyle’s self confessed ‘messy’ life in and around the alt rock scene, encompassing pain, success, loss and love.

If you found yourself drawn in to this epic poem, then this is just a taste of what could be as Doyle is currently producing an album, titled Never Closer, together with his son Louis (Slides, The Spare Room).  Here is something a little more musical, We’ll All Get Together Again:

But, Raphael and Louis need help to complete this project.  Sadly, earlier this year Raphael was diagnosed with a terminal illness and is rapidly approaching the time when, for him, there will be no more music to make.  Faced with this news, Raphael decided that to push ahead with his passion project, which has turned out to be Never Closer.  Father and son are now racing against time to record, mix and master the album before Raphael’s 64th birthday on January 6th.

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