Pre-Order Together Again!

It’s no secret that Alfie Boe and Michael Ball, having had such a success with Together in 2016 are teaming up for a new album this year.  Now you can pre-order – and there’s a DVD available too!  Take a look at the video:


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7 thoughts on “Pre-Order Together Again!

  1. Marie Louise Blair

    Am so excited! Not just a CD but a DVD as well! Naturally have already ordered. Thanks Jane x

  2. Pamela Eubanks

    FYI The June 30, 2017 Date is listed as Hampton Court on the site. It IS still at Greenwich, isn’t it? That’s what my ticket says.

  3. Lilian Evans

    Pre-ordered the De Luxe edition CD and DVD from Amazon….I will get it on release day so I am looking forward to 10th November very much 🙂 xx

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