On This Day, 9 June 2007, Alfie Boe Sang…

Stranger in Paradise on Parkinson:

This is of course from Kismet, the much mocked (by Michael Ball and Alfie at least) production at ENO where Alfie and Michael first met.  Now, I happened to watch this performance on Parkinson and liked the song and the singer but that was it – certainly, I didn’t have the same reaction as when first hearing Alfie as Jean Valjean.

Kismet first appeared as a musical in 1953 before making it’s way to London a couple of years later.  Stranger in Paradise is the most famous song from the show, certainly in the UK and in 1955 there were six versions of the song in the UK chart, Tony Bennett being the one to hit the top spot.  Since then, the song has been recorded by more artists than we’ve all had hot dinners but I can’t find one I like better than Alfie.

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1 thought on “On This Day, 9 June 2007, Alfie Boe Sang…

  1. Sue Redfern

    Oh what a sweetheart he was then!
    Won’t offer to do a review Jane, I get carried away to another planet when I hear that voice and see that face, everything else is a blur. xx

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