On This Day, 27 August 2007, Alfie Boe Sang…

…with Michael Ball at his Musicals Prom at the Royal Albert Hall.  Alfie and Michael had recently struck up a friendship after appearing together in the ENO production of Kismet.  As anyone who has seen / heard Michael talk about this production and / or read Alfie’s book, My Story will know, Kismet was not a particularly happy experience for all concerned.  As mentioned in an earlier On This Day post, Alfie almost leapt into the public’s consciousness with an appearance on Michael Parkinson’s chat show but as with so many other things it became yet another ‘nearly’ moment.

However, all was not lost as the burgeoning friendship between Alfie and Michael led to Alfie’s guest slot at the Prom – as far as I know his only appearance at the Proms proper (rather than Proms in the Park).

Michael is not a classically trained singer but he makes a lovely job of duetting with Alfie.  And if you want to hear what Michael had to say about ENO and Kismet, here is him talking on the Jonathan Ross show in 2007 (the Kismet talk starts about 7.15):

Wouldn’t it be lovely to hear Michael and Alfie sing together again?

Alfie’s My Story is available here (the ‘winter’ cover is also available):

alfie autobio


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1 thought on “On This Day, 27 August 2007, Alfie Boe Sang…

  1. Christine.F

    Have you forgotten, Michael and Alfie have sung together since 2007 – they did a stunningly good duet of “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” on the album “Alfie”. This is one of my favourite tracks on that album – it’s just so good!!!
    Do think it would be good to see them both perform together again though – visuals just give you that special bit extra that vocals alone, while fabulous, don’t.

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