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  1. (Brazil-rj) O Sole Mio/It’s Now Or Never in the Diamond Jubilee concert BBC is my favourite, 04:26 in TV, and I was already in love with Alfie, I was watching videos and buying cds. But, certainly, with any of these videos I would be here today.
    (2012 a year full of Alfie- Proms is wonderful. I watch still, Wycombe Swan – 22 may 2012, in particular, Shine the Light and Song to the Siren).

  2. Amazing how Alfie’s changed in four short years. He’s got so much more self-confidence and maturity. I read a comment that at a concert about this time, he and the band looked as though they’d just gotten off the bus without even changing clothes. He’s got a little more polish now, but somehow interacts even more with his audiences. Still Alfie, still just the guy next door, and he’ll always be just that.

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