Looking Back with Alfie Boe to…

the summer of 2012 when the June weather in particular seemed to be just as wet as it’s been this year in the UK!

As Alfie continues to recover (thank you so much for all your messages to him, they have been passed on to Vector) I thought it would fun to look back on past performances, so at intervals over the summer, new posts will pop up reminding us of some of the fab times we’ve had over the years.  Thankfully Alfie doesn’t mind fans taking videos, he even mentions the existence of said videos in some interviews, so thank you to everyone who has shared their videos with us:

Four years ago, I was only just discovering Alfie (along with loads of others, through Michael Ball) – what a lot has happened since then!

What’s your favourite video from this playlist?  I’d love to hear, along with any favourite Alfie moments you have from 2012 so please leave a comment.  My favourites are the Proms in the Park videos as that was my first live Alfie concert and the first concert I attended with lovely Linda W.

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2 thoughts on “Looking Back with Alfie Boe to…

  1. Eliane Brasilrj

    (Brazil-rj) O Sole Mio/It’s Now Or Never in the Diamond Jubilee concert BBC is my favourite, 04:26 in TV, and I was already in love with Alfie, I was watching videos and buying cds. But, certainly, with any of these videos I would be here today.
    (2012 a year full of Alfie- Proms is wonderful. I watch still, Wycombe Swan – 22 may 2012, in particular, Shine the Light and Song to the Siren).

  2. Tammy Houser

    Amazing how Alfie’s changed in four short years. He’s got so much more self-confidence and maturity. I read a comment that at a concert about this time, he and the band looked as though they’d just gotten off the bus without even changing clothes. He’s got a little more polish now, but somehow interacts even more with his audiences. Still Alfie, still just the guy next door, and he’ll always be just that.

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