Looking Back with Alfie Boe to…

…the Storyteller tour of Spring 2013:

Thanks to the talents of (mostly) Linda W and Nikki Lewis we have a lot of videos from this tour so you can see nearly every song that appeared on the set list.  This was the first time I had ever been to multiple concerts by the same artist…all in the same week!  Those of you have done the same at various times will know that each and every concert is different; each concert has moments which belong entirely in that moment and add to the atmosphere and excitement of a tour.

Other than the concerts themselves, the memories that stand out for me are the freezing weather outside the Royal Albert Hall (typical for this tour to coincide with the coldest Spring for fifty years), the search for the stage door in Blackpool which was worth it when Alfie stopped on both nights, meeting new friends hitherto known only via social media and most of all, the laughs and sheer joy of shared experiences with fabulous friends.  I’ve been lucky enough to do this again since 2013 and thankfully we get to do it all again this year, with the added bonus of Michael Ball.  Hope to see some of you there.

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1 thought on “Looking Back with Alfie Boe to…

  1. Barbara Wren

    I had the pleasure in fact honour of being in the audience at this RAH last year on July5th. It was wonderful, an evening and performance I will never forget. The diversity and quality of the music was very special and certainly unique. It goes without saying that Alfie absolutely excelled. In short “nailed it” as I believe no one else could.

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