4 comments on “I Love Kaiser Chiefs’ Parachute!

  1. Thank you for this. I love your approach to music and life. I needed to read this. Freed my mind a bit! xx

  2. Are they a UK band? I had never heard of the Kaiser Chiefs before this post. Thanks, Jane, for introducing me a new band! I really like their new single and will have to go back and listen to more of their music. Alfie has introduced me to so many different types of good music that I find myself embracing music that I never would have thought I would listen to. It’s just sometimes hard to want to listen to anything other than Alfie or the 25th anniversary of Les Miz!

    • I totally agree. I’ve listened to so many things that I would never have thought of listening to before and been introduced to singers I’d never heard of.
      Thanks Jane for this poll – it’s been fun waiting to see the results. Loved when Alfie sung Run at VE celebrations and, for me, the best was at Scarborough but that’s because I was there and how could you NOT join in the singing.

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