Happy Valentine’s Day 2017 Alfie Boe Fans!

Whether or not you have anyone to share Valentine’s Day with, here is a little treat just for you:

This topped Alfie Boe’s Guide to Romance in 2014, or it would have done if Serenata songs were not taken into consideration!  For a really romantic evening with Alfie, Love Was A Dream just can’t be beaten in my opinion but sadly, these songs have never really featured in Alfie’s live repertoire.  I’m still dreaming that they’ll make a come back one day though.

I have another treat for you too – you may have heard that February 9th is now Alfie Boe day – now I know that everyday is Alfie Boe day for all of you – in Utah.  Here is Alfie singing in the Utah senate last week:

Beautiful – and beautiful words of introduction too.

Love Was A Dream is available here:

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3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day 2017 Alfie Boe Fans!

  1. Lilian Evans

    I love that cd so many really lovely songs on it and a shame that we don’t hear them more often from our boy 🙂

    Thanks Jane 🙂 xx

  2. Linda McCann

    A lovely treat for us Jane. A special song from my teenage years between me and the one who later became my husband, sadly no longer with us, but thanks for the memories.
    Love to hear Alfie singing in this softer, gentler way – although I love him singing any way

    It was great to see the clip from Utah. I’m sure Alfie must have felt honoured to be there and it was so nice that all the family were there.

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