Happy Easter Alfie Boe Fans

If you celebrate Easter as a religious festival or just enjoy eating chocolate eggs, this time of year is a Happy one.  Alfie is home in America at the moment, getting ready for the US release of Trust, although he has unfortunately hurt his back – get well soon Alfie!

As most fans will be aware, Alfie is from a strong Christian background and has often spoken of his faith and what it means to him.  He has also released a CD, Onward, which showcases Alfie singing hymns and spiritual songs.  Alfie sang one of these, Be Still My Soul, during the Songs of Praise Big Sing 2012:

Happy Easter!

8 thoughts on “Happy Easter Alfie Boe Fans

  1. Pat Watterson

    Love to hear Alfie singing this … thank you Jane for posting it, and Happy Easter everyone!

  2. Roberta Kappus

    Jane – You are doing an outstanding job. You are a one woman promotion finding ways to link Alfie to what is current. Great job!

  3. Linda McCann

    Love Alfie singing this and it was his choice of song on Sunday morning Radio2 show in February.

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