5 comments on “Happy Birthday Alfie Boe!

  1. Happy Birthday, Alfie! I wish I could bake you a cake with your 21 candles to help you celebrate. I was blessed to see you in Les Miz on Broadway. Absolutely the best! Also why are you and Michael doing a tour here in the USA, preferably North Carolina? We love you too.

  2. Happy birthday Alfie, hope you are having the best birthday ever with your lovely wife and children 🙂 xx

  3. Hi Jane.

    I’d love to wish Alfie a wonderful day & to be surrounded by those he loves & makes him laugh!

    Sadly I’m still in hospital, due to have my procedure tomorrow morning to fix the stent they put in two weeks ago that sadly migrated! Looking forward to getting home so much!

    Thanks for adding my top message to the rest of the fans messages.

  4. Alfie,
    May your Birthday be filled with nothing but love,luck and presents beyond your wildest dream.
    Remember to always keep your reach beyond your grasp!!!

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