George Michael – My First Musical Love

Amidst the joy and love of Christmas, I was completely knocked sideways by the news on the evening of Christmas Day that my first musical love, George Michael, had died.  Along with half the rest of the country, if not the world, George had been around in my musical life since I was nine years old; his was the first album I ever bought (Wham!) and I still love dancing to it now.  He sang “you put the boom boom into my heart” and it’s still there to this day – whenever I hear that song I just have to get up and dance, it’s pure magic.

George and Wham! are also responsible for the best ever Christmas song in Last Christmas – of course there are other great Christmas songs but none are as special to me as this one.  Next year of course that song will be bittersweet for us all.

After the split from Andrew Ridgeley, George’s musical career reached new heights and despite doubts about whether or not I would like the new music, I found myself loving everything.  Faith is a perfect pop song and in the title alone, encapsulates what is it that keeps the fans following – “you gotta have faith”.

I kept faith with George and bought every album he made since then.  As George matured, so did the music and so did I.  Each new musical offering was different and showed a different side to George and I’m happy to say that I never grew tired of finding new things to love.  I never managed to see him live which is a source of regret and even though it looked increasingly unlikely that I ever would see him perform live, I never really thought that it wouldn’t happen until now.  There are so many songs that I love but one he has in common with Alfie is First Time Ever I Saw Your Face and in a recent blog post I said that I preferred George’s version – not all of you agreed with me!  Another favourite is Amazing…because he was!

Although this is an incredibly sad post to write, (it’s the first time writing this blog has brought me to tears) it is bringing happiness as well in that I’m once again revisiting the fabulous music of my first musical love.  Needless to say, although George was never far from my thoughts and iPod, in recent years, Alfie and his music have somewhat taken over!  In these sad times, I’m happy to redress the balance in George’s favour a little bit. George, you have been SO loved.

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  1. Sue Redfern

    Loved reading that Jane, thank you for writing it xx
    RIP George Michael you were one special guy.

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