Friday Round Up with Alfie Boe: No. 13

And it’s a lucky 13th for Alfie Boe’s US fans – now we know that the gap in Alfie’s schedule later this year is because he’s returning to Les Mis…on Broadway!  His first performance is 1 September, following Ramin Karimloo’s departure on 30 August.  Anyone from the UK made travel plans yet?

Also, this week, we saw another video from Pete Townshend promoting the forthcoming Classic Quadrophenia – although we see Alfie briefly, we also hear him all the way through:

Lastly, Alfie was in the news following an interview he gave at the Nordoff Robbins choir event a few weeks ago, regarding music education in the UK.  As befits a newly appointed patron of the BD Music Hub, Alfie talked about the need for more investment in music education in the UK.  As it happens, I know a fair amount about this very subject as I am currently heavily involved in raising funds for specialist music education at my son’s primary school.  The national curriculum requires all schools to provide music education but does not give them any money with which to provide this education.  Hence my son’s school pledges to raise £15,000 each year to fund a part time specialist teacher – it’s hard work so anyone highlighting this issue gets a big thank you from me!  Click here to read the article.

Don’t forget to watch Alfie at the VE 70 celebrations tomorrow evening – 8.30pm UK time!

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