Easter Memories with Alfie Boe

Easter in 2013 was a bit earlier than in 2014, which meant that we were all done and dusted by the end of March. In the UK, this coincided with the coldest winter and spring for 50 years – it was bitter! However, for those of us who are Alfie Boe fans, this meant we had plenty of time in which to stand around the various stage doors of Alfie’s first arena tour, Storyteller. The one that springs to mind is the Royal Albert Hall which was perishing but lovely as we all had time to chat. Many people had come a long way to see Alfie, including Margie from Australia and Roberta from New York (click here for their Alfie story) and waiting at stage doors became a way of chatting with fans we had previously only met online.
Easter Sunday last year was 31 March and Alfie’s tour date that night was in Plymouth. There is not as much YouTube footage from this one as some of the other tour dates and so it is one of those that tends to be overlooked. Let’s put that right. This is one of my favourite songs from the Storyteller tour, Jim Hendrix’s Angel:

By the way, some readers have asked how I choose the video clips for the blog. There’s no mystery about it, they’re just the ones I like the best and that fit with the required theme! If anyone wants to suggest videos for future blogs, please share by commenting here xx