Chris Coats’s Six Sensational Songs

It’s been a very busy time for Alfie fans until recently and we haven’t had time to feature many fan stories, so this post sees more from our occasional series, Six Sensational Songs.

Today’s choices come from Chris Coats, who first saw him singing Stranger in Paradise on TV and thought “wow, what a voice.”  These are Chris’s songs:

You Are My Heart’s Delight, chosen by Chris as it reminds her of her grandparents, who loved Richard Tauber.  The same reason goes for Girls Were Made to Love and Kiss, from the same Lehar album, Love Was A Dream.  Sadly I can’t find a video of this but Soundcloud is the next best thing:

Core ‘ngrato, from Alfie’s first album, Classic FM Presents, was Chris’s mum’s favourite song and “had to be on the list”.

As I mentioned in the introduction, Chris first saw Alfie on this very TV appearance and it makes the list because it was the first time she heard THAT voice.

Mattinata, from La Passione, because “it’s such a lovely tune.”

The last of Chris’s six songs is from Serenata, Non Ti Scordar Ti Me and once again, I can’t find a video!

Yet again, I’m astounded that four new tracks have been added to our choice of six sensational songs, this time, very much in Alfie’s classical repertoire.

If you would like to see your choices featured, please fill in the form:

Finally, if you haven’t yet seen the news, Alfie will be switching on the Blackpool Illuminations on 31 August!

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2 thoughts on “Chris Coats’s Six Sensational Songs

  1. Lilian Evans

    Thank you Chris Coats for an excellent choice of music…..just the sort of thing I would choose 🙂

    Love Was A Dream is one of my favourite albums from Alfie 🙂
    Alfie was classically trained to sing Opera and I personally prefer that style from him, although there are one or two I like from his current repertoire 🙂
    I would love to see this thread brought back for the times when Alfie is having a well-earned holiday or a break between concerts please Jane <3 xx

  2. Sue Redfern

    Excellent choices from Chris, I just love Love Was a Dream.
    Happy you’re doing this again Jane xx

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