Caroline Ward’s Six Sensational Songs

Caroline Ward’s selection of songs features yet another couple of new entrants to the Six Sensational Songs list! It’s also the only selection that has nearly all Michael and Alfie songs.

Love Changes Everything is of course Michael Ball’s signature song but Alfie sang it, for one night only, at the celebration concert for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s birthday in 2018.

Incurably Romantic from Alfie and Michael’s first tour Together.

A Wonderful World / Over the Rainbow

You’ll Be Back, at Carfest South 2018.

Wham Medley.

Bring Me Sunshine – with Rays of Sunshine choir.

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1 thought on “Caroline Ward’s Six Sensational Songs

  1. Sue Redfern

    Much as I really like the two of them, I do prefer Alfie on his own.
    (And probably Michael too as it goes)
    They’re great on stage together but not so much on an album.

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