Anne Norberg’s Six Sensational Songs

As we come to end of the Summer Together Tour 2017 (just one date left), it’s once more time to indulge ourselves with six of Alfie Boe’s most sensational songs.  This time they are chosen by Anne Norberg, who, like Alfie, is a Lancastrian now resident in the USA.  These are Anne’s choices:

Run, chosen because “the VE Day celebration was the first time for us hearing Alfie sing this and it was so very poignant and moving. I would dearly love him to record this song.”

Forever Young at the US Memorial Day show 2015, chosen because “watching this on TV made my heart burst with pride and I clapped and cried. (I know many of you can relate). I had friends in other States all watching it too so it was something I could share with them. He displayed such presence, and commanded that stage. I love the way it built up slowly to that magnificent climax.”

Don’t Stop Me Now at Gary Barlow’s New Year’s Eve TV special, chosen because “Just WOW! Alfie was having so much fun and the audience were so involved and well, THAT VOICE! Pure energy and fun. Our boy can sing anything! It gives me burst of energy just to re-listen to this every time.”

Who Am I – Anne chose Alfie singing this at the 25th Les Mis concert but as it keeps disappearing due to copyright issues, I’ve chosen this 2011 TV version instead.  Anne’s reason for choosing the original is  “because I love the audience response when they first hear that incredible two, four, six,oh, one!!! And I would just be so excited for him when I was there in person each time!”

A Living Prayer, chosen because “the most amazing, beautiful voice cuts right through to my soul. And now I’m also aware of the purity of his younger voice then compared to the depth and richness it has now. I love both voices.”

Barcelona, with Laura Wright, chosen because it’s “spectacular, and another one of his power songs. He’s said this is a difficult sing and so I love his ability to master anything!”

Thanks Anne for your choices.  A Living Prayer is the most popular choice of your songs, having been chosen three times altogether, with only one song (Forever Young) appearing on the overall list.

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4 thoughts on “Anne Norberg’s Six Sensational Songs

  1. Pat Randall

    What a wonderful selection Anne.
    The range, all so different, they certainly show Alfie’s magnificent voice and I remember why I am an Alfie Bow fan.
    Thank you.

  2. Cathy

    Love your comment about the change in his voice from when A living prayer was recorded and now. I totally notice that as well as I have some of the earlier cd’s. It has been said that a tenor’s voice matures in his 40’s, gains more resonance and that seems to be the case. But I have to admit that his youthful, clear as a bell, sound is thrilling.

  3. Sue Redfern

    Good choices and what a mix of songs
    Don’t Stop Me Now …….oh my goodness those jeans

    1. Anne

      Thanks Sue! I just listened to Forever Young again and just get SO moved every time I do. There’s our sweet young Alfie from Fleetwood out there all alone on the big stage in Washington DC and boy did he deliver! He did us proud! Chills every time!

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