4 comments on “Anne Norberg’s Six Sensational Songs

  1. What a wonderful selection Anne.
    The range, all so different, they certainly show Alfie’s magnificent voice and I remember why I am an Alfie Bow fan.
    Thank you.

  2. Love your comment about the change in his voice from when A living prayer was recorded and now. I totally notice that as well as I have some of the earlier cd’s. It has been said that a tenor’s voice matures in his 40’s, gains more resonance and that seems to be the case. But I have to admit that his youthful, clear as a bell, sound is thrilling.

  3. Good choices and what a mix of songs
    Don’t Stop Me Now …….oh my goodness those jeans

    • Thanks Sue! I just listened to Forever Young again and just get SO moved every time I do. There’s our sweet young Alfie from Fleetwood out there all alone on the big stage in Washington DC and boy did he deliver! He did us proud! Chills every time!

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