Alfie Boe’s Surprise Breakfast Show Appearance

If you were listening to the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show on 18th March you may have been pleasantly surprised to hear the dulcet tones of Alfie Boe reading the “On this day” segment.  It was only a minute long but any mention of Alfie is always a treat!

This unexpected treat started me thinking about the difficulties involved in keeping Alfie’s appearances secret.  On many occasions, despite the best efforts of Alfie’s team, news of supposedly secret media appearances and performances leak out. My best guess is that this is due to social media; in the age of instant availability of information, one mention online of Alfie, or any other artist, goes instantly viral. This then leads large numbers of fans desperate to know if such and such performance or media appearance is really going to happen and before we know it, we’ve expended large amounts of time and energy on finding out something that simply can’t be confirmed, mostly due to the time honoured phrase “contractual reasons”.

So when a performance or appearance really is kept secret, it’s such a lovely treat for everyone, particularly when there doesn’t seem to be much else happening.  The biggest surprise in recent times was Alfie’s extremely secret and surprise appearance on Gary Barlow’s New year’s Eve TV show.  Social media went into meltdown, with Alfie trending on Twitter well into New year’s Day – and those of us who missed it (yes, I was one) were alternately highly annoyed that we missed it and then thrilled to see Alfie when we least expected it. At that point, there was nothing in Alfie’s public schedule for several months.

Speculation has it that Gary and Alfie planned this collaboration when they were both guests on the Radio 2 Breakfast Show in October 2013, so here’s another excuse to see the fabulous Radio Ga Ga

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2 thoughts on “Alfie Boe’s Surprise Breakfast Show Appearance

  1. Karen Kinzig

    I can’t find it! I’m in US but I scanned the whole show. Do you know where it is on the recording??? I love having this connection through your blog! Thank so much for trying. Karen (Chicago Il area)


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