Alfie Boe’s Pants!

No, I haven’t gone raving mad in the absence of any real Alfie Boe news …you read the title right,, this is about Alfie’s pants!

Some of you eagle eyed Boe fans may remember a charity auction last year for MAD Trust when celebrities designed pants for online bids.  Alfie designed  a pair (decorated Les Mis 24601 style, I believe, although I promise I didn’t pay that much attention!!!) and the good news is that he has designed another pair for the charity.

The online auction goes live on 8th September and as yet we have no idea of the design for this year – what do we think it might be? And even more pertinent…what will be the winning bid!  Hopefully, lots of money will be raised to help this charity. Click here for more information on how The Make A Difference Trust offers support and help to people living with HIV, AIDS and other chronic illnesses.

So, until September, we now have a legitimate reason for wondering about Alfie Boe’s pants!


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