Alfie Boe’s Cruise Success

Regular readers may have noticed that this is the second Alfie Boe cruise related post in a week – the reason being that there have been so many more positive reviews since the cruise ended and now there is a new video to match!

Carole Hunt had a ticket to the first concert and had she not been an enterprising soul she might have left it there…however, if you’ve met her (and I had the pleasure at Carfest South in 2013) you will know that she’s very enterprising.  Through luck and persuasion, Carole was also able to attend the other three concerts and had the presence of mind to film Alfie singing Suspicious Minds.  Alfie doesn’t remember all the words but we won’t hold that against him as it was an impromptu performance of the Elvis hit and as seasoned Alfie fans know, forgetting the words is something he does quite frequently!

Sit back and relax this Sunday with Alfie and enjoy Alfie interacting with the audience – if you were one of the singers, get in touch!