6 comments on “Alfie Boe’s Best Live Song 2017 – The Top

  1. I saw Alfie sing this in Phoenix, AZ – when he filled in at the last minute with the Phoenix Symphony for Colm Wilkinson – and literally, I could not move when it was over. So much power from the orchestra, in the lyrics, and with Alfie’s voice delivering the message. Stunning performance. I decided that night I could die happy because I’ve hear him sing RUN live.

  2. Yes love this song -and you’re right Jane this is my favourite version probably because it was the first time we heard it. Solo album next year – who knows perhaps he will record it then. Long may he continue singing it!

  3. Fabulous result. Alfie must know by now how many of us would love him to record it.
    Loved it since we first heard it and have great memories of him singing it in Scarborough (in the sunshine).

  4. Fabulous Jane. Makes up for not getting to Cardiff. Played video & Saxon sat up alert all the way through bless. As you say, no surprise on Run being g top of the list. Just hope,.like you, we continue to hear & as we know Alfie reads TOJAF so he’ll know we all wish him to record it. Thanks for your hard work.

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