Alfie Boe’s Best Live Song 2017: No. 5

Half way through our hunt to find our favourite live Alfie Boe song and we come to another new entry into the top ten although Forever Young has featured quite heavily in the annual Alfie Boe Best Recorded Song poll.  The live version from the US Memorial Day concert 2016 was nominated by Sheila Currie who also chose it amongst her six sensational songs.

The song was written by Bob Dylan, an Alfie favourite, for his son and the lyrics are just beautiful, working so well for remembrance events.  In recent years Alfie has indeed performed this song twice at US and UK remembrance concerts so we have to go back to 2013 to hear the version that appears on Alfie’s album Trust:

Just love Alfie’s intro to this song – however many times you hear this anecdote, it’s still great!

Trust is available here:

Alfie’s new album, Together Again, with Michael Ball has just been released and is available here:

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3 thoughts on “Alfie Boe’s Best Live Song 2017: No. 5

  1. Cathy Rogers Sarabia

    This was such a moving tribute to our fallen heroes here in the USA. The standing ovation at the end gave me chills! I remember watching this in a NY hotel room with Deb Trad, Pam Eubanks, and Sharon Tucker – we were in New York City, having seen Alfie in Finding Neverland on Thursday and Friday nights just before he left NY for DC. (Those ended up being his final performances of FN.) How lucky we were!

    1. Pam Eubanks

      We were very lucky to see Alfie in Finding Neverland. He was amazing in this role. It was great to see him at stage door to say hello. It was awesome to see Alfie in US tv singing this wonderful song in honor of our US heros. Thanks for sharing, Jane and thank you Alfie for being part of it. X

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