Alfie Boe’s Best Ever Song 2018: Number Seven

Number seven in the 2018 quest to find the fans favourite Alfie Boe recorded song is my favourite…Keep Me In Your Heart:

Now a staple of Alfie’s live set (so far!) in a different form, I love this video as I can see so many lovely friends in it!

Keep Me In Your Heart is from Alfie’s 2013 album, Trust (one of my favourites).  Judging my the results of this poll (only once has the song dropped out of the top ten since it’s introduction in 2014) everyone else feels the same…I worry for the safety of everyone’s buttons!

The song was written by US musician and songwriter, Warren Zevon in response to receiving a terminal diagnosis of asbestos related cancer and was the last song to be recorded for 2003’s The Wind, Zevon’s final album. Zevon survived the album release by only a few weeks although he did manage to see it achieve a top 20 chart position, his highest position since his critically acclaimed earlier album, Excitable BoyClick here to read more about Zevon’s music.

Trust is available here:

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2 thoughts on “Alfie Boe’s Best Ever Song 2018: Number Seven

  1. Susan Black

    Love this video and song
    Lucky enough to have four photos in it,one on my wedding day, one with Alfie and two of my grandchildren. One grandson now at college in USA studying for four years and playing College Basketball and another grandson is in Australia on a years working holiday,think it’s been mainly holiday so far.

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